05 - 06 December, 2018
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore

Post-Conference Workshops – Friday 7th Dec 2018

9:00 am - 11:00 am Workshop C: Achieving Data-Driven Protocol Design During Your Clinical Trials Operation

To maximize the value of your molecule, you need an efficient, systematic approach that brings real-world data and patient perspectives into your protocol design process. With strong partnership between government, CROs, pharma company, KOL, principal investigator etc, your clinical trials can be executed with greater predictability.
This workshop will provides you insightful experience and actionable points on protocol design optimization. In return, you will execute your clinical trials with shorter timelines.
Key Learning Points:
Ø  Digitizing your protocol by integrating data from electronic medical records, clinical research data and public data source
Ø  Transforming protocol to be data-driven by implementing machine learning tool
Ø  Making your protocol more targeted by analyzing data from pharma, CROs, hospitals and government

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Workshop D: Patient Recruitment and Retention: Improving Patient Recruitment Efficiency And Retention Rate To Speed up Your Clinical Trials Execution

Shweta Uppal - Head- Clinical, Medical, Regulatory, Quality and Pharmacovigilance, Novo Nordisk
Patient recruitment and retention are essential to keep your clinical trials on track. Almost all the big pharma companies  launch internal campaigns to understand their patients from an early stage, which will benefit their patient recruitment and retention.  
This workshop will provide you with 5 principles to guide the processes of both recruitment and retention, including selection of appropriate population, creation of systematic and effective recruitment mechanism that promotes participant retention.
Key Learning Points:
Ø  Take the lead: Providing training and materials to the patient before recruitment begins
Ø  Think ahead: Improving patient recruitment experience by providing customizable solution and service
Engage the patients: From low-cost innovation to high

Shweta Uppal

Head- Clinical, Medical, Regulatory, Quality and Pharmacovigilance
Novo Nordisk